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Missions, reserves and stations were reserves of land to which Aboriginal people were forcibly relocated. The types of records that remain vary. They might include diaries, daily occurrence books, photographs taken by visitors and resident missionaries, letters between church officials and people working on the church settlements, and registers of Aboriginal children and adults living there. Some missionaries recorded local languages and culture, and described daily life. Churches also published magazines and newspapers that included information about missions and church institutions. Mission and reserve records can best be described as patchy. Of the many Aboriginal missions and reserves that were established, some still exist but many have disappeared.

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Darwin It’s long been thought that Indigenous interactions with Europeans officially began after white settlement. But the Yolngu people of the Northern Territory say they were trading with Indonesians for hundreds of years before that. What we do know is that Aboriginal people from the north coast of Australia were travelling to the far reaches of South-East Asia long before white settlers ever arrived Down Under.

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A year-old man, who cannot be named, was due to appear at a court in Kalgoorlie, east of Perth, charged with the manslaughter of a year-old Aboriginal boy, Elijah Doughty. The boy’s body was.

Angry conservationists are challenging the Tasmanian Government to act against illegal quad bike riding in the Tarkine region, as more photos emerge of tracks in the prohibited area. In , the previous Labor government closed the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area on Tasmania’s north-west coast to vehicles. But new photos, taken last week, show quad bikes have been driven through the Tarkine area, also known by its Tasmanian Aboriginal name of “takayna”.

Liz Johnstone The Wilderness Society has said takayna is one of the “few wild places left in Australia”, with an “outstanding legacy of Aboriginal occupation dating back millennia”. Other photos, snapped by a Wilderness Society campaigner, capture quad bike riders about 3 kilometres north of the Pieman heads, past the “tracks closed” sign. A couple, who allegedly was quad-biking in a prohibited Tasmanian area, is seen in a small boat.

Liz Johnstone Vehicles ‘destroying Aboriginal heritage sites’ Mr Bayley said the State Government’s policy to reopen four-wheel-drive tracks in the contentious area is to blame for the repeat offending. In August, two people were questioned by Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service after they were observed driving through the restricted area, while in September a photo showed damage within the protected area.

Craig Broadfield “It’s extremely frustrating for the Aboriginal community. Labor closed the tracks in , with the Liberals saying they will reopen access. Supplied In , Labor closed almost 40km of off-roading tracks in the area.

Aboriginal death in custody inquest hears man died waiting for bail paperwork to be signed

See Article History Western Australia, state of western Australia occupying that part of the continent most isolated from the major cultural centres of the east. The state is bounded to the north by the Timor Sea , to the northwest and west by the Indian Ocean , and to the south by the portion of the Indian Ocean commonly called the Southern Ocean or Antarctic Ocean in Australia.

To the east lie the deserts of the Northern Territory and South Australia. The capital is Perth. Western Australia occupies roughly one-third of the total area of the continent. It extends about 1, miles 2, km from the monsoonal, tropical north to the windswept coastal heaths of the far south.

Australian Aboriginal religion and mythology (also known as Dreamtime or Dreaming stories, songlines, or Aboriginal oral literature) are the stories traditionally performed by Aboriginal peoples within each of the language groups across Australia.. All such myths variously “tell significant truths within each Aboriginal group’s local effectively layer the whole of the Australian.

They are believed to have arrived here by boat at least 50, years ago. Each clan had a spiritual connection with their land, but travelled widely to trade and find water and seasonal produce, as well as for ritual gatherings. According to Aboriginal myth, the ancestor spirits forged all aspects of life and continue to link the past, present, the people and the land. Dreaming stories describe the journeys of spiritual ancestors and are told through song, dance, painting and storytelling.

Or join a Dreamtime walk, guided by the Kuku Yalanji people, through the lush rainforests of Mossman Gorge, 80 kilometres north of Cairns. When penal transportation ended in , more than , men and women had come to Australia as convicts. While free settlers began to flow in from the early s, life for prisoners was harsh. Women were outnumbered five to one and lived under constant threat of sexual exploitation. The colonisation of Australia had a devastating impact on the Aboriginal people, with dispossession of their land, illness and death from introduced diseases and huge disruption of their traditional lifestyles and practices.

Squatters migrate across the continent By the s, many soldiers, officers and emancipated convicts had turned land they received from the government into flourishing farms. They were joined by boatloads of prospectors from China and a chaotic carnival of entertainers, publicans, illicit liquor-sellers, and quacks from across the world. In Victoria, the British governor imposed mining licenses on goldfield workers, which led to the violent, anti-authoritarian struggle of the Eureka Stockade in

Kalgoorlie Court has windows smashed by protesters after death of Aboriginal boy

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Discharge Against Medical Advice DAMA from hospital is associated with adverse outcomes and is considered an indicator of the responsiveness of hospitals to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, the indigenous people of Australia. We investigated demographic and clinical factors that predict DAMA in patients experiencing their first-ever inpatient admission for ischaemic heart disease IHD.

The study focuses particularly on the differences in the risk of DAMA in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients while also investigating other factors in their own right. Methods A cross-sectional analytical study was undertaken using linked hospital and mortality data with complete coverage of Western Australia. Participants included all first-ever IHD inpatients aged 25—79 years admitted between and , selected after a year clearance period and who were discharged alive.

the Torres Strait dating to years ago. Through the ages, the relationship between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their land survived and continues today in stories, songs, dancing River near Perth c. 31 Engravings carved in Olary region (SA) c. .

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Tue, 07 Aug Many Aboriginal Australians would say with conviction that they have always been here. Their ancestors and traditional learnings tell them of this history, and their precise place within it.

Get up close and personal to the animals at the zoo. Visit the animals at Taronga Zoo Sydney with their incredible waterside address just 12 minutes ferry ride north from Circular Quay. Taronga Zoo houses more than 4, animals from various exotic and native species, including gorillas, tigers, leopards, chimpanzees, giraffes, Australian sea lions, kangaroos and koalas.

Swan River Where the date of naming and the person who named a feature is known, entries are presented in the following format: Date named; Person who named it; reason for giving names. The names are listed from north to south, commencing at Cape Leschenault. There are many gaps in this list, indicating that the origins of many names were unable to be verified when this list was being compiled.

The authors welcome any contributions by readers that will help fill in the gaps. North Bank Swan River:

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Examples of some of the records that may be of interest to clients undertaking research into Aboriginal family history include: Acc , AN Enquiry Desk staff are always happy to advise clients on the use of the numerous finding aids and indexes available in the Search Room to assist clients in locating records of relevance to their family history. Helpful Indexes to Personal Names Indexes can provide a short cut to information contained in archival sources or in published material, such as newspapers.

Useful indexes to names of Indigenous Western Australians are:

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Economic development by Europeans had as its necessary complement the ravaging of Aboriginal life. Especially if it is accepted that the pre Aboriginal population exceeded one million and that living standards were high, the subsequent history must all the less appear as one… Prehistory It is generally held that Australian Aboriginal peoples originally came from Asia via insular Southeast Asia now Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, East Timor , Indonesia, and the Philippines and have been in Australia for at least 45, —50, years.

On the basis of research at the Nauwalabila I and Madjedbebe archaeological sites in the Northern Territory , however, some scientists have claimed that early humans arrived considerably sooner, perhaps as early as 65, to 80, years ago. That conclusion is consistent with the argument made by some scholars that the migration of anatomically modern humans out of Africa and adjacent areas of Southwest Asia to South and Southeast Asia along the so-called Southern Route predated migration to Europe.

Other scholars question the earlier dating of human arrival in Australia, which is based on the use of optically stimulated luminescence measurement of the last time the sand in question was exposed to sunlight , because the Northern Territory sites are in areas of termite activity, which can displace artifacts downward to older levels. In either case, the first settlement would have occurred during an era of lowered sea levels, when there were more-coextensive land bridges between Asia and Australia.

Watercraft must have been used for some passages, however, such as those between Bali and Lombok and between Timor and Greater Australia, because they entail distances greater than miles km.

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History Before European settlement The Shoreline of Tasmania and Victoria about 14, years ago as sea levels were rising showing some of the human archaeological sites — see Prehistory of Australia People crossed into Tasmania approximately 40, years, ago via a land bridge between the island and the rest of mainland Australia, during the last glacial period.

According to genetic studies, once the sea level rose, flooding the Bassian Plain , the people were left isolated for approximately 8, years, until the time of European exploration, during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Modern digs in southwest and central Tasmania turned up very abundant finds, affording “the richest archaeological evidence from Pleistocene Greater Australia” covering the period from 35, to 11, BP.

The archeological and geographic record suggests a period of drying, with the colder glacial period, with a desert extending from southern Australia into the midlands of Tasmania – with intermittent periods of wetter, warmer weather.

Relationships Australia is a leading provider of relationship support services for individuals, families and communities. We offer services around the country that include counselling, family dispute resolution (mediation) and a range of family and community support and education programs.

Perth Department store Myer has been accused of racial profiling after staff called security guards to conduct checks on a teenage Aboriginal boy while he was shopping at its flagship store in Perth’s central business district. Jaylen Garlett, 16, was shopping with his father, Shem, for a shirt for his school ball on March 8 when his father briefly left him alone in the change rooms to make a phone call.

Shem Garlett said while he was on the phone he heard a call over the store’s intercom for security to attend the men’s fitting rooms. Shem Garlett says his son was racially profiled by staff in a Myer store. I asked the lady at the service desk if everything was OK. Shem Garlett says Jaylen was the victim of racial profiling.

Shem Garlett Mr Garlett said the incident upset him greatly and his son had been shocked. There were no other factors involved. He said he was considering making a formal complaint of racial discrimination to the Equal Opportunities Commission. Human rights lawyer and social activist Hannah McGlade said profiling of Aboriginal people was a widespread problem. Human rights lawyer Hannah McGlade says racial profiling of Aboriginal people is rife. Nicolas Perpitch “They report they are the subject of surveillance in shopping centres purely on the basis of Aboriginality and race,” she said.

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Tourist information[ edit ] Traditionally produced information about Perth, and Western Australia has been in pamphlets and brochures, [2] however a considerable amount of information is now on the internet with a range of promotional websites emanating from government and commercially based organisations. Tourism Western Australia ‘s web site is the main government tourist information entry point – with information about Perth as the first part of the information.

A walkway connects the Cultural Centre to Perth railway station. The Scitech Discovery Centre is an interactive science museum, with regularly changing exhibitions designed to inform and educate visitors on a large range of science and technology based subjects. Scitech also conducts live science shows, and operates the Horizon planetarium located next to the discovery centre.

Get up close and personal to the animals at the zoo. Visit the animals at Taronga Zoo Sydney with their incredible waterside address just 12 minutes ferry ride north from Circular Quay. Taronga Zoo houses more than 4, animals from various exotic and native species, including gorillas, tigers, leopards, chimpanzees, giraffes, Australian sea lions, kangaroos and koalas.

Although it is located on the Midland Highway, Perth has remained relatively unchanged since Georgian times when most of the houses in the main street were built. The result is a village of great charm with no fewer than 33 heritage buildings to be admired by the traveller. It is a feast of impressive, but simple, Georgian houses. It can be obtained at the post office. It lists no fewer than 33 building heritage buildings.

These range from hotels, to private homes, to shops, churches and historic inns. Take time to explore the town’s heritage. It was named after a hotel in Cobham, Kent, England which was a popular watering hole for the novelist Charles Dickens. He even had his favourite seat. Some of the walls are over 60 cm thick and there are still handmade nails in the original cedar. John MacNamara, a police constable was shot and killed at the inn by two other constables ex-convicts who were tried for his murder and found guilty of the crime.

Over the years the Leather Bottle has been a Hotel Inn , Post Office, a private boarding house it was originally two storeys , a private residence and more recently a licensed restaurant. In it was for sale. At the time it was a shop selling antiques.

Australia Day is a day of mourning for Aboriginal People [CHANGE THE DATE]

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