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Wednesday, September 27, The Read More functionality is a very familiar feature that you will come across on blogs or websites with long content, like news websites. This feature allows you to compress content and, therefore, put more content in less space. Speeding up the loading process as it allows the implementation of lazy loading. Improves website monetization by increasing page views. Provides quick access to more content. This post will guide you through creating a read more toggle feature using jQuery. In this post, there is only one div element on the page, but you may have more than one such element on the page you create.

Using a JQuery DatePicker with an DataList and UpdatePanel

Likewise Internet Explorer had onpropertychange forever in old versions of IE. However, with the advent of IE 9 and later onpropertychange disappeared from Standards mode and is no longer available. You then call the. Note that you should store away the MutationObserver instance somewhere where you can access it later to call the. This turns out is pretty important as you need to also watch for recursive events and need to unhook and rehook the observer potentially in the callback function.

More on the later when I get back to the plug-in.

Tim wanted an HTML5 audio player on the site, and we put together some jQuery to hook up the player interface he designed. In this article we’ll run through the code to explain how it works, covering a few caveats along the way.

Download source A guy in work introduced me to jTemplates , a template engine plugin for jQuery. It allows you to easily bind JavaScript objects to a defined template and also has some other nifty features. The web service will have two methods, GetCustomer which gets a single customer by ID, and GetCustomers which gets all customers. In the web service you may get your customer data in any way you like; from database, XML etc.

I have also added a button, and a DIV which will contain the contents of my template: Before explaning what is happening in this function lets look at the template I will use. Templates can just be a string, or can be a seperate file which I have done here. This is how Template. You can also use setTemplate when you just want to use a string and not the contents of a file. The second is any jTemplate parameters and the third is any options.

Now the template has been set I can call processTemplate passing through the data I want to use, and the template will be processed and appear in the specified container. Very clean and quick, but there are other features to make life easier. Next I am going to use the foreach feature to display all customers in a table. Create another page with a single button, container and the jQuery to call the GetCustomers method:

Tip 50 – How to query a Data Service using JQuery

Demos Watch 10min a tutorial explaining how this 3D demo was built in Velocity. Watch 5min a tutorial explaining how Velocity’s UI pack improves user interfaces. Visit Velocity’s demo gallery. Read the technical breakdown of Velocity’s performance optimizations. Read an introduction to SVG animation using Velocity.

FlexSlider was built to serve up the best responsive jQuery slider around. I had built a few implementations of responsive sliders on different client projects and noticed that there was a glaring hole for plugin support with the concept.

When padding is added, we apply a few style rules to negate the top margin for the first heading or paragraph in the popup and do the same for the last element’s bottom margin. This keep the popups from having too much vertical space when the content padding and element margins combine. Positioning options By default, popups open centered vertically and horizontally over the thing you clicked the origin which is good for popups used as tooltips or menus.

The framework also applies some basic collision detection rules to ensure that the popup will appear on-screen so the ultimate position may not always be centered over the origin. For situations like a dialog or lightbox where the popup should appear centered within the window instead of over the origin, add the data-position-to attribute to the link and specify a value of window.

It’s also possible to specify any valid selector as the value of position-to in addition to origin and window. The popup’s placement constraints, which may cause the popup not to appear centered as desired, are as follow: The width of the popup will be limited using CSS max-width to the width of the window minus a tolerance of 15px on either side.

A tolerance from the edges of the window 15px from each of the sides and 30px from the top and the bottom will be observed when the popup fits inside the window. Tall popups are allowed to overflow the top and bottom edges of the window. Those parts of the popup can be viewed by manually scrolling the document.

Adding single page “scrolling” navigation to your site

If there is an event attached to the element with a teardown handler, that handler would be called by cleanData. This also doesn’t bubble, which is good IMO. We should avoid adding more custom event types to jQuery.

Adding jQuery to a Project with Treasure Porth. To hook up jQuery to our HTML file, head to the bottom of the HTML document and just before the closing body tag open a script tag. We’ll need to hook up this file to the page as well.

Hi Joan, That looks pretty good, a few small points: One of the things that makes jQuery. Callbacks great is it’s context independence allowing the methods to be detached and still be working properly when called. It is great that this latest patch has the chainability which the previous patch didn’t , however if you’re going for that, make it also context independent so that users can expect similar features with detachment that jQuery.

Then comes the second big step and that is the implementation of the “run” calls in MediaWiki core the third step of implementing the “add” calls should be saved for last , and the third step of documenting those just like we document the php hooks in. Comment Actions I won’t disagree that a hook system would be interesting to have client-side. But for the case of replacing dom-ready we are really dealing with DOM elements and we should fire a dom event on the root where we inserted content instead of firing some global hook.

For that purpose I introduced a mw-content-ready event in gerrit that triggers mw-content-ready on body on DOM ready and on wikiPreview when live-preview is used. Comment Actions This has some overlap with bug While the other bug focuses on the introduction of a mw.

Learn How to Write a Vue JS Wrapper Component

Scheduling a recurring task Scheduling a recurring task In order to get your task to execute you must create your own custom hook and give that hook the name of a function to execute. This is a very important step. Forget it and your task will never run. The following will create the hook.

Before Mocha v, () was not supported in asynchronous tests and hooks. Retry Tests. You can choose to retry failed tests up to a certain number of times. This feature is designed to handle end-to-end tests (functional tests/Selenium) where resources cannot be easily mocked/stubbed.

Users could enter the date of an event, and we had great archives for displaying and categorizing them. Today, we want to improve the admin end of things. Well, the meta box itself will appear right below your post editor on Events, like this: The completed file can be found here: Also, grab this folder , unzip it, and upload it to your theme folder as well.

The first thing I want to talk about is meta boxes.

Accordion Widget

Removed in version 0. Renamed in version 0. Now you can change the way the popup should pop up. Now you can control the easing effect on open and follow. In jQuery there are two kinds of easings, swing as default and linear.

Jquery Hook Up Click Event. Dating With Muscular Dystrophy. 0 has not been released yet jquery hook up click event – though we will have an RC for you very soon – but another version of Migrate will be released free online dating in spain for jQuery 3.

I posted this answer and then went out, and literally as I was leaving I thought “You know, you could trigger the change handler s ” and so I’ve updated the answer with that. Crowder Jun 24 ’11 at If you select a date and then re-select it, this event gets fired. Some developers will want to know when a date has changed from some initial state to know whether the data is “dirty” and needs to be saved.

For this reason, I’m downvoting you on this. You could have, of course; the goal of the site is to have good answers; respectful editing to achieve that is encouraged. It’s a design flaw in the datepicker, not in the answer.

Drop files to upload

The wrapper technique means that you are likely bringing in a library like jQuery and a jQuery plugin. In a simple example, you might use this component like so in a jQuery project: As you can see, we are using the this. Unfortunately, our Vue component cannot react to the changes made. The best approach is to use the root element on the component using this.

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JavaScript popup window

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