How Kundali Matching Works For Marriage

Many Indian astrologer use Ashtkoot chakra or Avakhada chakra for Kundli Milan to check matching between bride and bridegroom. So here, online Kundali Milan calculator will do this for you. Additionally, this awesome fortune teller tells about Ashtakoot Dosh and Dosha Parihar. Same software for matchmaking in Hindi available also. Mostly, Indian families ask the astrologer for horoscope matching for marriage to know their Gun and best horoscope match, so that couple will not survive with any misfortune and they can spend life with love and happiness. Janam Kundli Milan is the proven astrological method to check a match for marriage or for love match. This is performed in two way, one is Kundli matching by name and another is horoscope match by date of birth. If you know your birth names, then you can test Kundli Milan by name only without the birth date, the marriage compatibility result will same as you get with b’ day. According to astrology, you can check marriage compatibility or love matching through both names as both have the effects on native’s life.


There is a practice in India to take the name of bride and groom and use that information for matching of the horoscope. What people do is that they take the first letter of the name, try to derive a nakshatra and then match horoscope. This would have worked in olden times when the names were based strictly on nakshatra pada as explained in the namkarana sanskara post.

Therefore, there would be backward lookup and an astrologer could derive back the exact nakshatra and pada based on the first letter of the name and then use the information to find out the exact kundali matching parameters. Even now, the practice makes sense if we do not have any other information and use the name. The person should respond to the name properly — in case of nick names again, there is a complication.

Among Hindus, we believe that marriage is not perfect until a matchmaking is done. This is particularly true in an arranged marriage and hence, a large section of the Hindu population gives precedence to Matchmaking before solemnizing a marriage. Rasi Porutham: When the rashi .

The fundamental thought behind this concept is that the dawning new era in human spiritual evolution will be a time when relationships foster enhanced spiritual growth between lovers, whereas in previous times and still early in the 21st century couples stayed together for purposes of physical survival and economical safety more than anything else. According to the mythology of Twin Flames, in the beginning of time we were created from one source, that was split into smaller and smaller units down to two souls and on rare occasions, halves of one soul that would journey to Earth to learn and experience duality.

They would reincarnate over lifetimes with this longing for each other, often meeting until, they would reunite and then leave this physical plane as one. Many confuse the twin flame with soul mates any significant relation , and the rare split soul. There are plenty of modernised theories of Twin Flames, many of which presenting the view that there is a twin flame for everyone thus confusing catalytic relationships and soul mates to twin flames and that the halves of twin flames are not necessarily a male and female, but can also be homosexual.

Sometimes a set of twin souls choose to incarnate as the same sex. There can be many reasons for this. All twin soul relationships are between male and female energies of the same soul. If you meet your twin soul, one of you will be the female half and the other will be the male half, no matter what gender each of you have. When you meet your twin soul, you will be forced to face your Self.

When we talk about heterosexual or homosexual relationships we focus on the gender of the physical body instead of the gender of the soul. At the level of the energies when twin souls meet, they will be drawn to each other, no matter what gender they have. Also, some theorists accept that this is not a relationship that can be experienced once in all life cycles only, but repeats over several.

Name Your Baby According To Rashi Name

May 26, facebook twiter pin google plus whatsapp Indians tend to consult with astrologers before any auspicious event of function in the family. The astrological position of the sun and moon are checked for favorable locations to ensure that the event will proceed auspiciously and without any bad omens. According to Hindus, the sun, moon and planets will also influence the future of the relationship if it is started on an inauspicious date and time.

Astrologers will then map their houses and their signs to ensure that they are compatible with each other. In some cases, wedding are cancelled based on the mismatch of horoscopes alone.

How Kundali Matching Works For Marriage Before learning how Vedic matchmaking works, it is valuable to learn the history. Vedic Astrology. History. Bhakoot Dosha is based upon the distance or number counted from the bride’s rashi to the groom’s rashi and vice versa.

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Horoscope Matching, Compatibility Horoscope

The factors which are important for horoscope compatibility analysis, i. Guna Milap or Kundali Milan are derived from these 27 nakshatras. Based on the position of the moon in a nakshatra, the following factors and their points are assigned to a chart. Each of the factors is in the order of points assigned.

Find out the name numerology matching for marriage in Tamil porutham or marriage matching by name reveals the name matching or porutham. In Tamil language, name matching for marriage is known as peyar porutham, name porutham, thirumana peyar porutham and .

Before entering in to marriage relationship an astrologer is referred to for his analysis of the horoscopes match making of boy and the girl. It is done to ensure a harmonious, balanced and healthy marriage relationship. Matching of horoscopes or marriage compatibility, is hence, even more basic than matching the blood group. According to Astrology horoscope matching is much more than just gun Milan and Manglik Dosh.

In our opinion there are five major aspects, which are relevant, when it comes to matching of two horoscopes for the purpose of marriage. First of all longevity of the boy and girl should be checked carefully.

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JanamKundli (जनमकुंडली): Rs. , रुपए. १२० Email in 1 day (१ दिन में ईमेल) JanamKundli (जनमकुंडली) is a birth chart prepared on the basis of Vedic Astrology. It contains the details of Rashi, Lagna, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, Karana, Gana, Tithi, your Lucky Stone, Day, Date, Month.

Now what is that Plus and Minus game, how to understand it??? Means few positive and few negative energies gets mixed in hemmed house or planet. However mixed Kartari is also quite important but many astrologers are always ignoring mixed Kartari effect while doing horoscope analysis. See an example through horoscope — Case Study -1 In above case Venus is sitting in third house and Jupiter is sitting in fifth house and both are hemming fourth house, However Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Ketu are also sitting in fourth house and hemmed by Venus and Jupiter, So power of fourth house along with all four planets has been increased, this horoscope belongs to a successful Indian cricketer.

Which may cause hemming the ninth house in his next birth which may deduct auspiciousness of ninth house. So all houses have same kind of theory. And if Rahu and Ketu are hemmed so check in which houses and planets they are connected with, they signifies severe sins and cheating related to that planets, if not connected with any planets then predict as per occupied house. If your deeds are mixed then mixed Kartari yoga will formed and you may get mixed experience. Please remember as I am repeating again, there are lot of sins which causes deduction in your horoscope and above are the possibilities and examples I have given to make you understand.

Now why above all points are IMP?? So degree play very vital role to reduce the malefic effect of Paap Kartari Yoga as degree gap under 5 degree is severe however degree gap more than ten degree provide great relief. Like if Rahu is in fifth house at 4: But if malefic planets become infant or old age so they also loose killing power, however during my observation in few cases I have seen that malefic planet sitting in higher or lower degree acting as mild malefic, So please carefully observe each parameter.

Horoscope Matching – Kundali Matching For Marriage

Which Gemstone To Wear? But its very difficult to know which Gemstone to wear to get success in life or for any other reasons. It is very important to read your horoscope properly for your selective Gemstone to wear. Some times you want a gemstone for your health problems or any other problems related to you life and family. Which Gemstone relates to which Planet? How to decide or how do i know ,which Gemstone to wear?

Tamil Marriage Match Calculator application will help to find your 10 Matches out of 12 or Astrology Horoscope match by star with classification catogory for Groom (Male, Boy) and Bride (Girl, Female) by Star, also it is a love calculator or Tamil Marriage Match Calculator is anciant indian science mathod.

When there are planets placed in the 6th, the 8th and the 12th houses from Ascendant or the first house gives rise to this Yoga. This yoga can be classified into three – Paap Adhi Yoga, Subha Adhi Yoga or Mixed Adhi Yoga, based on if malefic or benefic or mixed planets are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th houses. This is one of the most important Yogas of Vedic Astrology. Sometimes it is referred to as important as a Raja Yoga.

The 6th, 7th and the 8th houses which are highlighted in this Yoga become powerful and their results are enhanced, for good or bad depending on benefic or malefic planets are placed in these houses. The person having this yoga achieves victory over enemies and remains free for any major disease benefic results related to 6th house.

He will also enjoy patronage of kings, ministers or people of authority and will get their help. He will have long and happy married life benefic results related to 7th house. He will have long life, free of debts and mishap and miseries benefic results related to 8th house. He will have fame, earn respect, will have leadership qualities and earn much wealth special results of all the three houses combined.

In case of Paap Adhi Yoga this results will be opposite and in case of Mixed Adhi yoga, favorable or malefic results pertaining to the particular 6th, 7th or 8th houses will come to the fore.

Nakshatra Matchmaking

Marriage is the sacred bond between two separate entities, bringing them together for a long and healthy marital life. The factors which are considered at the time of marriage are: Guna Milan is based on the position of Moon in the Natal Charts of bride and groom. The eight Kootas are:

This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology – Vedanga Jyotish, a science that is deep-rooted in Indian culture, tradition, and philosophy of life. Janma Kundali *New* Kundali Matching *New*.

Rabbi Eliyahu Safran We think of the many things we do in our lives and the remarkable pressure we feel to perform. We come up to bat in the bottom of the last inning, two outs and runners in scoring position; we sit in classrooms with our palm sweating, waiting to take an exam; we argue in courtrooms and make investment decisions; we move our families from one community to another… the list goes on and on.

There is so much we have to do, and so much we have to get right. Imagine then the incredible pressure Eliezer felt when he was sent out by Abraham to find a wife for his beloved son, Isaac! What decision can we make that is more fateful than the choice of a lifetime mate? From that decision unfurls years of happiness, successful child-rearing, the blessing of a home filled with learning, respect and holiness. Finding the right mate can be fraught with uncertainty; a decision of remarkable moment.

So important, so weighty, so meaningful the decision that it is sometimes a wonder that any of us manage to cross that threshold! Our tradition is clear when it comes to marriage. For us, a marriage is not simply the wedding of families and assets, a brokering of business and power. No, Jewish tradition is clear that marriage is a holy union, one that God takes special delight in.

We hold that, in fact, each one of us has a true soul mate with whom we are to share our lives, a soul mate that God has chosen for us.

kundali by date of birth

Nadi is the most important Gun Koota for matchmaking. If Nadi Dosha exists marriage should not happen. Why Nadi Dosha is so critical? What will happen if you have Nadi Dosha? What can you do if Nadi Dosha exist in your horoscope? If you have Vaat element more than it should be, you should not eat the foods related to Vaat.

Ashtakoota Milan or Kundali Matching for Marriage as per Vedic Astrology. There are also more elaborated and difficult approaches of matchmaking are followed as well apart from ashtakoota milan in different areas prominently, in south india which is known as the ‘DashaKoota Milan (Ten Aspects Match)’. Bhakoota or Rashi.

Now, at least you can get an idea of your compatibility by the score card of kundali matching, as it is difficult for a common man to understand the detailed analyzed horoscope matching report. We are offering the ultimate services like Horoscope Matching, Love Match , horoscope , numerology calculator etc for Free. It is also known as Guna Milan. Process of horoscope matching finds out the possible incompatible factors between a couple, so that they can work in a particular direction to make their relation stronger.

It is the glory of Horoscope Matching that the divorce rate in India has always been minimal. However, it is increasing with modernization, especially in the cases of love marriages. It is not like that we are discouraging love marriages.

Horoscope Matching – Guna Milan – Kundali Matching by Name

The practice[ edit ] In Orthodox Jewish circles, dating is limited to the search for a marriage partner. Both sides usually the singles themselves, parents, close relatives or friends of the persons involved make inquiries about the prospective partner, e. Some engage in it as a profession and charge a fee for their services. Usually a professional matchmaker is called a shadchan , but anyone who makes a shidduch is considered the shadchan for it.

General kaarakas (significators) for marriage are Moon and Venus in the boy’s horoscope and Sun and Mars in the girl’s horoscope. So there should be good aspect between Moon in the boy’s horoscope and the Sun in the girl’s horoscope.

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Marriage Matching – How are horoscopes matched in Vedic Jyotish Kundali matching

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