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Most documentaries look like they were filmed on donated film stock and some sound like they were recorded underwater, but this one has a state-of-the-art 1. The film might have had wider distribution than the average documentary, but the distribution of the DVD is limited. It is only being sold at Target stores, though you can rent it at most regular outlets. Director Nanette Burstein shot miles of film at the high school in Warsaw, Indiana. She chose the school after considering others, and put out a cattle call for teens who would like to star in her movie. She picked five and filmed them during their entire senior year.

Mitchell and Wed! Peep Show forms new double act after marrying presenter TV Victoria Coren

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Film Review: American Teen

She just didn’t expect everybody else would know it, too. The film, which was shot during the school year, will have its hometown premiere Tuesday at the Warsaw school’s performing arts center. Her search for the right locale took her all over the country before she narrowed the list to 10 prospective high schools in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

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Hence, we should do our part and watch Brideshead Revisited, so that more such titles will come our way. Meanwhile, there is only one other good film to catch this week and that’s [REC], a Spanish horror film that is beautifully-crafted and very scary indeed. There are two Singapore or Singapore-linked productions this week. The first is the animated musical Sing to the Dawn and the other is horror flick The Coffin. But neither films deliver the good, failing miserably in their respective genres.

That’s all for this week.

American Teen

But it’s the ways those categories get twisted and the rules are broken that make life real. Though not searching or unusual, the new documentary “American Teen,” which focuses on a group of students in their senior year at a high school in the little town of Warsaw, Indiana, still hits enough of the bases to be, for mainstream audiences, sensationally touching, interesting, and familiar.

And if there is nothing new or newsworthy, the joys and sorrows, cliques and outsiders will take you back. In some ways it’s almost too well packaged.

The actor married writer and presenter Victoria Coren in front of a host of other television stars, including comedian David Baddiel and his actress wife Morwenna Banks, and former Blue Peter host Konnie Huq. Miss Coren, 39, who wore a fishtail dress, was given away by her brother, food critic Giles, and her bridesmaids included presenter Claudia Winkleman. She began dating Mitchell in , but he has admitted being ‘smitten’ with his ‘clever, funny, beautiful’ wife since they met in The bride looked lovely in a traditional white wedding gown, which featured lace sleeves and a figure hugging bodice with a mermaid silhouette.

She opted for a classic veil and kept her long blonde locks down and her make-up natural, while David went for a quintessentially English black tailcoat over his grey suit. Both David and Victoria beamed as they made their way into St Peter’s Church to promise each other eternal faith. Mr and Mrs Mitchell:

American Teen by Nanette Burstein

Charting the highs and lows of one group’s last year in high school, director Nannette Burstein gives us America the land of the free, the brave, but mostly the aspirational. Right at the start we are told America may be a meritocracy, but high school is a caste system with the queen bees and sports jocks at the top of the greasy pole and everyone else sliding round the other end. Jake, the boy with the acne and braces and vivid alternative reality, struggles against his reputation as a super nerd as he tries to get a girlfriend.

Hannah, who lives with her grandmother and dreams of becoming a filmmaker, doesn’t fit in with the blondes, but bears her misfit status, for the most part, proudly. All the characters reveal vulnerabilities as they struggle through the painful process of sorting what their parents want them to be from who they really are. The animated sequences are totally integrated into the characterisations, and the soundtrack lubricates like KY for the teen ear.

August 15, More likely than not, this documentary reflects the attitudes of a particular handful of teens at a particular high school at this period in time. However, the film holds our interest throughout. And at times it’s a painful reminder of the clique-ishness and resulting socially awkward atmosphere of public-school education.

Like many cities and towns in the Hoosier State, Warsaw is a bit basketball-crazy, so one of the more popular students at the school is a so-called “jock”: Colin is certainly not as privileged as rich-girl Megan Krizmanich, a student body officer and school mover-and-shaker who plans to go to Notre Dame when she graduates. Their classmates aren’t finding things nearly as easy. Hannah Bailey is crippled by self-doubt as she tries to return to school after a painful breakup with her longtime boyfriend.

And supposed “band geek” Jake Tusing just wants to find a girlfriend. A few things here seem like they may have been either scripted or set up in advance. When school hunk Mitch Reinholt starts taking an interest in Hannah, it feels like Burstein is trying to remake “Pretty in Pink. It’s amusing to watch the consternation of Megan, who can’t understand why she’s nearly booted from school for vandalizing another student’s home.


They range from the top of the food chain in Warsaw Community High School to the invisible and ignored. Megan Krizmanich is one of the most popular girls in school. She comes from an affluent family and has tons of friends.

The people in it are all white, middle class, eloquent-ish suburbanites – real life Juno MacGuffs and Jim Levensteins living in relatively affluent Warsaw, Indiana. There are no black kids. There’s no great poverty. One girl has to live with her Gran because of her mother’s manic depression but elsewhere most of the family support networks are intact.

So, the prospect of this may sound a bit syrupy and superficial for some people’s tastes, but Nanette Burstein’s film is actually a quite charming experience. This may not be about the true hardship of life in the gutter but it really captures the small stuff that feels so big – first loves, break-ups, college decisions and that feeling of complete loneliness that comes with acne, or social awkwardness, or a really crap haircut. You do have to suspend your disbelief a little to truly get into this.

While it’s clear this wasn’t supposed to be ‘earthy’ – Burstein uses cool animation sequences to illustrate the protagonists passions and dreams, for instance – there are moments that if not staged for the cameras, must surely have been influenced by their presence. Occasionally these are so close to movie cliche it’s hard to believe it wasn’t all a set up the director has been forced to deny as much. But if you just sit back and enjoy it, American Teen has much to offer. It’s no Hoop Dreams superb high school basketball doc but it is fun, engaging and very well put together.

Free Austin screening of the awesome AMERICAN TEEN at the Alamo with all the teens in attendence!

How many will graduate and how many will find love at the senior prom? The first few minutes are spent establishing the main characters and their social positions within the school in a montage that could be the opening scene of any number of American Pie-a-like teen movies. Through all five characters, we get a cross-section through life at an American high school as we share the key moments and fears that all pupils go through.

All five of the subjects have their dreams and fears for the future as they consider their options post-graduation. There are moments where I was left wondering just how much observation is going on here and how many moments were given a bit of help in their construction. There is an equivalent of the webcam scene in American Pie that seems just too well-scripted and edited to have played out in real life the way it does here.

Lin Tan Our teens is one of the most memorable if not, the most memorable and somewhat definitive moments of our lives; it is during this difficult yet carefree time where we begin to be informed. But also, it is a time where we begin to partake in the many rites of passage: Here are some smells-like-teen-spirit films. Clueless This film, directed by Amy Heckerling, really needs no introduction. The two come from wealthy backgrounds and start off with shallow views on the world.

Most of the film follows Cher as she attempts to turn her new friend, or rather, pet project Tai Brittany Murphy into a person worthy of the high school elite status. She later comes to learn that her superficial perceptions were wrong and overrides her guilt with some charity work and also falls in love and lives happily ever after with her step brother, Josh, played by Paul Rudd who never seems to age.

Clueless also came with some memorable quotes, for instance, could this be the best diss in the world? Legs crossed towards each other. That is an unequivocal sex invite. Here, almost every stereotypical individual we imagine exists in an American high school are all represented: But like most teenage films, the message is clear: This film is possibly one of the cult favourites out there, with Ellen Page Juno giving a brilliant performance as the offbeat, yet extremely likeable teenage oddbod.

Whilst there is a love story underlying the film, it is, thankfully, explored sans sickening sweetness, and drama is encountered with a refreshing nonchalance.

American Teen – Exclusive: Hannah Bailey and Megan Krizmanich

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